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Signs that Your Backup Generator Needs Repairs

Power outages can strike at any time in Larchmont, NY, so you can’t afford to take chances with your backup generator. If you’ve experienced any of the following issues, it’s time to have your generator checked by a qualified service technician.

Trouble Starting or Staying Running

When properly installed, your standby generator should fire up within seconds of an outage and continue operating smoothly until power is restored. If it has trouble starting up, there may be a problem with the battery, spark plug, ignition coil, or fuel system. After starting up, check to see if the generator runs roughly or makes unusual noises. This may suggest a fuel issue, faulty sensor, low oil level, or internal engine malfunction. Regardless of the cause, scheduling backup generator repairs right away will ensure the situation doesn’t get worse.


Unsteady or Insufficient Power Flow

A backup generator is meant to supply a steady, uninterrupted flow of power into your home. You should never encounter dimming lights, underpowered appliances, tripped circuit breakers, or any other signs of fluctuating output. Inconsistent power flow may occur for many reasons, including damaged internal components, bad electrical connections, or a faulty phase selector switch. Not only are these issues frustrating to deal with, but they can potentially damage sensitive electronics. If your generator is struggling to reliably meet your power needs, a professional repair call is in order.

Visibly Damaged or Worn-Out Equipment

Standby generators are built to be rugged and reliable, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. That’s why having your equipment serviced at least once a year is essential. It’s a good idea to periodically conduct your own basic visual inspections between service visits. In particular, look for loose hoses or electrical connections, frayed wires, fluid leaks, and damaged or corroded parts. Additionally, start your generator up and ensure it isn’t producing any strange noises or odors during operation.

When it comes to your generator, dealing with problems proactively can end up saving you a lot of trouble. For speedy 24-hour backup generator repairs in Larchmont and surrounding communities, contact the qualified service technicians at G.C. Reliable Service.

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