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Generator Services in New Rochelle, NY and the Surrounding Area

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G.C. Reliable Service has been serving the Westchester County, NY area for over 40 years with extraordinary customer service through our dependable HVAC solutions. Throughout our many decades of HVAC repair and installation, one thing has remained constant — our customer’s need for dependable power for their home to function to its full potential. At G.C. Reliable Service, we are determined to keep your home functioning even when the power grid fails, which is why we are now expanding our services to include generator installations and repairs.


Why Should I Install a Home Backup Generator?

As a New Yorker, you understand the importance of having the power to keep your home warm on the coldest snowy days, as well as keeping your home cool when the clouds are no longer there to give you a break. Unfortunately, the power grid we all depend on to heat and cool our homes, wash laundry, do dishes, keep food cold, and have lights tends to fail due to a variety of factors. Don’t find yourself left in the dark. A backup generator is a great home investment to keep your house powered on for days after a blackout occurs. Finding the right generator installation and repair company can help you prepare your home in case of a power interruption. Trust G.C. Reliable Service to keep your house functioning even in times of emergencies.

Theft & Intruder Deterrent

  • Added Security for Peace of Mind
  • Package Protection
  • Vehicle Monitoring
  • And More!

Benefits of Owning a Residential Backup Generator

As mentioned previously, one of the most important benefits of owning a residential backup generator is the opportunity to have power restored within moments of a grid failure. Other benefits include:

  • Maintain comfort and safety levels during emergencies
  • Keep medical equipment operating even when the power is out
  • Protect home from power surges
  • Convenient, safe operation during power outages
  • And more!

Natural Gas and Propane Generators

When deciding to equip your home with a backup generator, you must decide which fuel source is best for your needs and budget. One of the top deciding factors when choosing a fuel source is the location of your generator. Most generators are operated off of natural gas, but if your home is not located on a gas service network your next best option is propane due to the cost of running a new gas line. Another advantage of propane-powered generators is the ability to store propane in tanks.

Once you have chosen your fuel source and location, your generator installation can be completed and you can have peace of mind, adding value to your home and safeguarding your family in case of disaster.

The Generator Repair Company You Can Trust

When you have something as important as a backup generator, it is important to ensure that it is operating properly. Each year generator owners should complete an annual maintenance checklist including:

  • General inspection: Call a qualified generator repair company to perform an annual inspection on your equipment.
  • Replace filters: A dirty filter can keep your generator from working properly.
  • Check for leaks: A leaking generator isn’t a safe generator. Contact a generator repair company immediately.
  • Do a physical inspection: Ensure all components are well lubricated and fluid levels are appropriate for the operation.

One of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your generator, as well as to ensure its operation when you need it, is weekly exercise tests. To perform this test, check the fuel level and start the generator. Leave it running for at least 30 minutes to make sure it is functioning properly. If you notice any issues with your generator, give G.C. Reliable Services a call and we will promptly be out to address your situation.

Why Choose Us

At G.C. Reliable Service, we understand the importance of having power in your home. Not only do you use electricity to power most of your home, but it is also critical for the proper functioning of any medical equipment you or your loved ones may have. A backup generator can make all the difference in times of emergency. While one day without power may not seem that long, you do start to realize all the tasks you are no longer able to do — like charging your cellphone so you can reach loved ones in another town or state. With G.C. Reliable service, we always have your back with 24/7 emergency services and support.

Power failures are scary, and oftentimes unpredictable as well as longer than anticipated. Protect your family and get peace of mind with expert generator installation and repair from G.C. Reliable Service.

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Why Choose Us

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