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4 Signs Your Furnace Is in Need of a Repair

Furnaces are one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. In a hefty New York winter, keeping your home warm is essential, and furnaces provide that comfort. But sometimes — when you need them most — your furnace can fail to deliver the requisite heat. At G.C. Reliable Service, we can help maintain HVAC systems in Westchester, NY and provide comfort solutions that are dependable in times of need. Keep reading to learn more about four signals that may mean your furnace needs a repair, and contact us for a repair today!

Strange Smells

If your furnace is having issues with a gas leak or it is dealing with intrusive dust, then it may start emitting strong odors. While the unit may have a strong scent when you first use it, these smells are more pervasive and abnormal.

Pilot Light Problems

Your pilot light should be blue as it operates as an ignition source. Keep an eye on it and make note of any discoloration. If it loses its blue color and becomes a yellow flame, then you may have a ventilation problem. For instance, your furnace’s carbon monoxide may not be dematerializing properly. This can cause health issues while also making your unit more combustible. Due to this, you may need 24-hour furnace repair by your side. Contact G.C. Reliable Service for a helping hand.

A Decreased Heat Output

If your furnace is having problems with heat output, then this could be a sign that there is something wrong with your thermostat or that the ductwork is faulty. Your furnace should do its job; when it fails to do that, it is time to call in HVAC experts.

Continuous Racket

Furnaces will make noise — that’s a given. But when they start making persistent attention-grabbing squeals and whistles, then it may be time for a furnace repair. Persistent squeals and whistles are most associated with belt or fan problems. Additionally, bangs and groans can often be tied to broken and loose internal pieces.

If you put off addressing these warning signs, you may need to call G.C. Reliable Service for an emergency furnace repair. If you live in Westchester County in New York, our team has the comfort solutions for you. Contact us today to schedule your service.

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